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Noah's Lark is the 1st Talkartoons episode. In this episode, Noah and his ark full of animals go on shore leave at an amusement park.


  • Brass Ring Elephant (debut)
  • Fat Mouse (debut)
  • Dancing Cat (debut)
  • Policeman (debut)
  • Mermaid (debut)

Noah's Lark


Noah's ark is sailing over a stormy sea. The ark is rocking back and forth, causing an elephant to slide from side to side. The sea is so violent, it throws the boat up into the air. It falls back down with all the animals shouting. Noah is seen with a fishing pole, whistling The Sailor's Hornpipe. The camera pans to reveal he's holding up a monkey that's swabbing the deck. A hippo is muttering "Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of Rum". On the last note, his chest deflates. A monkey is dancing with a giraffe. The giraffe bends its neck down. The monkey takes the giraffe's ears, uses them as mallots, and plays the giraffe's neck like a xylophone. A weasel quartet is singing. One weasel keeps singing one note at a time, each one getting progressively lower, he deflates. The other weasels inflate him with air. The weasel sings one last really low note and deflates again.

A parrot spots an amusement park through a telescope. Everyone on board cheers. Noah lets them go on shore leave. The animals all run out. A lion is being held on a leash by four mice. A monkey bandleader calls everyone to attention so they can march. A kangaroo drums, and a monkey stomps on his tail. The instruments are played. Gags include a cow hitting a cat with a trumpet over and over, a mouse coming out of a drum, a seal playing the cymbals, a tiger playing the piano but getting blown away by a trumpet playing monkey, and 7 mice all playing the same flute. The monkey bandleader blows a whistle and the song ends.

Some other animals are seen on a merry-go-round trying to grab a brass ring from an elephant's trunk that's coming out of a hole in the wall. One animal pulls it and the entire elephant comes out of the hole, looking shocked. A mouse pushes up the butt of fat mouse that's sitting in a little cart. He has trouble doing this, but eventually, he stands on her and jump ropes on top of her through a roller coaster track. Then a cat is seen dancing in front of a crowd.

Noah wonders where all of his animals are. He finds them. He says, "Watch this" and stands on top of a podium. Two snakes get into his pants, causing him to jump around like crazy, causing the animals to laugh hysterically. A policeman shouts at him. Noah jumps and falls on him, knocking him out, so they all run back to the ark. The ark whistles as the animals jump in. But the ark can't support the weight, so it sinks to the ocean along with all the animals. A mermaid swims in front of Noah, who angrily chases her, and the cartoon ends.



  • This is the only cartoon released in 1929.
  • This is the first time a character swears. The second time is in The Bum Bandit and the third time is in Boop-Oop-a-Doop.
  • In the original tale, Noah brings two of every animal. However, dozens of the same animal can be seen here.